CRE8IVE EDGE | Photograph restoration and repair
Original Image Edited Image

Photograph Restoration is the art of restoring damaged photographs to their original condition. However much we try to take care of our treasured memories for future generations to enjoy, photographs can fade from sunlight, suffer water damage, collect stains from coffee cups or grubby fingers, suffer fire damage or collect creases from bending/folding. In extreme cases, a photograph may end up being ripped into several pieces as well as suffering from all of the above.

We can restore photographs that you might think are long past saving. Your original photographs do not get harmed at all by the process and will be returned to you safe and sound. We perform a high quality scan of your photograph and then work on the digital copy to create a brand new re-mastered copy of the original with all damaged repaired. The end result can vary in quality depending on the photo damage

Because the damage sustained by a photograph can vary so to can the amount of work required to restore it and therefore the price of the restoration job. We will offer you a no obligation quote and only if you are happy with the price will we proceed with the work.

The above photograph was torn, cracked and had various blemishes which are difficult to see from the above scanned image due to the small size but were all removed during the repair process.

If you have a photograph that you need restoring please contact us by e-mail